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The project is not responsible for the information posted by users about the sale and offers of any actions or goods, or for any other damage that may arise from third parties when using the site and your actions.

Trade and purchase of goods and services related to the CIS countries is strictly prohibited on the project.

1. Registration on the trading floor.

The cost of registration on the trading platform is $ 150.

1.1 Registration process.

- Specify a desired login on the trading floor;
- Specify the desired password (generate a random password);
- Enter your contact details (jabber / telegram) *;

* During registration, it is recommended to provide accurate contact information.

1.2 Recovering lost access.

Recovering lost access takes place by contacting the contact details of the Project Administration.
The cost of recovering access to the account is $ 50.

In a case of loss of access to the account of the trading platform, you are required to:

- Provide a login;
- Provide the information about the last 5 purchases;
- Provide residual balance information;
- Provide information about the method (BTC / LTC) of the penultimate balance recharge;
- Pass the verification of the contact information provided during the registration. If you find it difficult to answer these questions - the restoration of access is impossible.

In case of loss of a PIN code (two-factor authentication), full access cannot be restored.

2. General provisions:

2.1 Hierarchy of a trading platform project:

- Administrator (all questions);
- Super moderator (technical support of the customers, disputes, cooperation);
- Moderator of disputes and appeals (technical support of the customers);
- Chat moderator (control of project chat violations).

2.2 Hierarchy of the sellers:

- "NEW" (purple);
- “Beginner” (indigo);
- “Competent” (blue);
- “PRO” (green);
- “EXPERT” (yellow);
- “OLD” (orange);
- “ELITE” (gold).

3. Decisions of the project administration.

The project administration is always interested in a fair approach to all project processes. Thus, the decisions of the project administration, in all disputable situations between the buyer and the seller, as well as on other issues, are final and indisputable. The project administration reserves the right not to influence the positive outcome of those incidents that were not within the framework of the current project.
All unfair decisions of employees and partners of the project can be appealed through the administration of the project.

4. Conduct in the project. Duties, limitations and rights of the clients. Chat project.

4.1 You must be adequate and polite. Insulting other users, sellers and project administration is strictly prohibited.

For violations of these items, it is possible to block the account without restoring the balance, at the time of blocking the account.
And also the penalties may be imposed at the discretion of the project administration. Be careful.

4.2 The Client is required to:

- Comply with professional ethics and behave adequately;
- To understand the goods that he buys;
- Don’t ask the stupid questions;
- Comply with all points of the rules of the category in which he buys a product or service;
- Tickets to write accurate, clear and to the point matter or problem;
- Report about illegal actions by the sellers, moderators - project administration.

4.3 Client’s right:

- Receive timely and complete technical support;
- Receive reimbursement for a defective product or service;
- Open as part of tickets for the replacement of goods, disputes and defend your problem with evidence;
- Appeal the unfair decision of sellers, project moderators, through the project administration;
- Make suggestions for project improving to the project administration.

4.4 Client is prohibited:

- Behave inadequately;
- Beg;
- Violation of the general rules of ticket issuance;
- Register 2 or more accounts in the project, one computer = one account;
- Ask for the contact information of sellers through the ticket system, as well as write your contact information;
- Write reviews that are not true;
- Create multiple tickets for one question;
- Display the user's account balance;
- Providing false evidence in the ticket.

4.4.1 Reviews of Sellers:

Each buyer has the right to publish a review of the seller after the purchase of the goods.
All reviews are displayed on the seller's page.

On our site there are 2 types of reviews:

- Positive;
- Negative;

Publication of negative feedback is possible only in the case when the "controversial" ticket was opened during the warranty time. Otherwise, you will not be able to publish a negative review.
In case of publication of a Positive review with negative content, the Administration has the right to remove this review and apply penalties to the author of the message.

It is recommended to take a responsible approach to the publication of reviews, be sincere and honest with each other.

4.5 Chat (restrictions and permissions)

4.5.1 In a conversation it is forbidden:

- Begging, begging for money, messages with wallets’ numbers;
- Messages about requests for replacement of the account - ask to come / check / answer / solve the ticket;
- Insulting other users and sellers;
- Write the messages about the sale of something;
- Exchange or attempts to exchange contact data of sellers or buyers, as well as publication of contact data in any form.
- Duplicate messages;
- Distribute your contacts icq, jabber, yahoo messenger and the like;
- Using of or other similar services - CAPSLOCK- threats;

4.5.2 In chat is allowed:

- Communication with other participants of the chat, not contrary to the general provisions of the Rules.

Chat unlock prices: 1st unit - $ 25, 2nd unit - $ 50, 3rd unit - $ 150, more than 3 locks - no unlocking! Blocking chat occurs after 5 warnings about violations of chat rules.
In case the moderator has blocked you unfairly, you can file a complaint with the administration by presenting evidence or facts of your case.

5. Guaranteed security purchases. Disputes buyer-seller. The time to check the goods and the warranty period.

5.1 All transactions and purchases of goods from trusted sellers within the project are protected by a system of disputes.

5.2 Any project participant has the right to open a dispute, on a non-quality product or service. The administration of the project checks your arguments and analyzes, then makes a fair decision. The project administration is the guarantor of compliance with the terms of the purchase and sale of goods or services. The decision of the administration in disputed situations is final and not subject to appeal.

5.3 The time for checking the goods is governed by the rules of a particular category established by the seller.

Note: In cases of counterfeit evidence that the purchased item is not working, you may be fined or account blocked without rebalancing! Observe the discipline in the purchase of goods, record videos, attach high-quality screenshots to replace the goods, follow all points of the rules for replacing goods, only in this case you will get a fair decision.

6. Project sellers, sellers’ verification.

6.1 All sellers on the trading floor are tested for the presence of only high-quality goods and an appropriate reputation for the shadow resources. All transactions conducted within the project with trusted suppliers are considered secure.

The project administration conducts comprehensive checks of the proper working capacity of the sellers.

7. Trade on the project. Cooperation. Responsibilities of the sellers. Rights of sellers. Payments. Shop commission.

7.1 To work with the project, it is necessary to send the corresponding inquiry form to the project administration.

- Links to your profiles from the carding forums (preferably with a reputation);
- Your contact (jabber and telegram);
- [links to topics with reviews];
- A list of sites / things you want to sell;
- The origin of the material (hack / botnet / scam / brut / homemade);
- The number and format of your material;
- Your pricing policy;
- Examples of your goods.

After these requirements are met, the interview process begins and a decision is made to assign you the status of a seller.
If the application for cooperation with the project is satisfied, you are provided with an administrative panel for trading.
Please pay the special attention to the fact that the project administration reserves the right to refuse you, without giving reasons.

7.2 Deposit is obligatory for all who wish to become a seller. The deposit is insurance for buyers in case of problems / unresolved issues, your deposit will be used in favor of the buyer. The amount and term of the deposit for each application may vary; this is influenced by various factors. If you are not ready to make a deposit, please don’t waste our time in vain, the deposit is required for the new sellers! In some cases, it is possible to arrange the deposit from your first sale in a store (individually).

Bank Accounts: $ 1500 - $ 2500
Bank Checks / Tax Forms: 750 $ -1500 $
CC / Registration / dumps (track 1 + 2): 1000 $ -2000 $
Accounts (trading site / service / miles / etc): $ 500 - $ 1,000
Logs from a botnet: 1000 $ -1500 $
RDP / SSH / Proxy: $ 750 - $ 1,000
Fullz / Scans / Documents / Base / Other: $ 500

Before you create an application for the status of the seller, make sure that you have money to deposit:

- The amount of the deposit is determined individually, after a complete data request and verification;
- The deposit is paid through the replenishment of the balance of your account (directly / through contacts, payment for the deposit is not made, be careful!);
-Your deposit statistics will be displayed on your account (amount / currency / payment date);
- Deposit can be made no earlier than 5 months after your first sales. Force-majeure situations are discussed individually;
- USD / btc deposit currency can be fixed; it is previously agreed with the administration;
- Deposit is taken on all sales until PRO status is obtained. Seller with PRO status, if desired / necessary, can apply for withdrawal of the deposit.

7.3 Responsibility of sellers.

- Comply with business ethics when working with clients. Make fair decisions on controversial situations, according to the rules of categories.
- Give detailed comments to the project administration, moderators about the controversial incidents.
- Trade with customers strictly on the trading floor;
- Provide a high percentage of the value of the goods;
- Refinement of competent registration of their categories;
- Timely consider applications from customers for the replacement of goods;
- Inform the administration of the project about unscrupulous customers who violate the rules of the project.

In the case of systematic breach of duty, the seller may be suspended from trading with the possibility of withdrawing its goods and compensation of the current balance of its revenue.

7.4 Sellers have the right.

- Receive timely the advice, assistance and technical support from the project administration and moderators;
- Receive timely payment for goods sold;
- Block customers in their store, with detailed reasons for blocking;
- Submit proposals and terms of reference for cooperation / development of the project;

7.5 Sellers are not allowed:

- Request, receive and write contact information within the project (except as agreed with the project administration);
- Dump the prices;
- Disappear from the trading process for more than 2 days, without a prior approval of the Project Administration;
- Be not serious about the personal security.

Violation of at least one of the clauses of the rules entails responsibility, in the form of blocking and canceling bilateral cooperation. Be extremely careful and follow the rules.

7.6 Payments to sellers are made automatically with a hold for 3 days.

7.7 Shop commission ranges from 25% to 45%, depending on product sections. You can get more detailed information about the project commission as part of the cooperation negotiations.

Additional comment: For some sections and sellers, a different commission may be set at the discretion of the administrator. Discussion of the reduction or increase in commission by sections can be entered and discussed by all project participants through the ticketing system.

8. Advertising on the project.

The project prohibits advertising of third-party sites and resources, with the exception of resources that previously conducted an interview with the administration of the project.
The actions of the administration are not subject to discussion in the framework of the current project, and complaints about it are not accepted.
The decision of the project administration can be challenged on the shadow resources with a long-term reputation.
The requesting the sellers and buyers is strictly prohibited. All transactions, sales and communications pass exclusively through the ticket system.

9. Fines and violations.

Fines are imposed solely for violating the internal rules of the project.

- Duplicate tickets on the same issue $ 1 / for each duplicate;
- Ask / give the personal contacts in any manifestation of $ 10/25/50 / ban;
- Providing false evidence / data, deception, to confuse / benefit $ 50 / ban;
- Mats, violation of the honor and dignity of any project participant $ 10;
- Libel of the sellers in chat or in feedbacks- $ 25;
- Penalty for non-payment of invoice by the buyer - $ 50/100/200/permanent ban;
In case of fraud on the part of the buyer , namely the receipt of goods and non-payment in the future , the administration reserves the right to unilaterally deprive the current status of the buyer up to a
permanent ban on the project.
- Opening a Ticket is not according to the rules (using fake IP; screenshots) $ 5-15 and refusing to process a Ticket (read the rules carefully).

Also, the violations of the project can be identified in other manifestations not described above, the amount of the fine is appointed at the discretion of the administration of the project.

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